Bob Hayden – Oklahoma
“I love the SwingRite because IT teaches the FEEL of a proper release in an actual golf swing.  I wish I would have had been given one when I first took lessons.”

Bobby Altom – Arkansas
“I can state unequivocally that the SwingRite has unparalleled service after the sale.  I bought the SwingRite from TGW (The Golf Warehouse); but when I couldn’t get it to work properly, I decided to contact SwingRite via email rather than TGW.  I received a reply from Kate Whitney, SwingRite’s President, that same day.  She made a couple of suggestions.  And she asked me to contact her again if those did not work.  The recommendations did not work, and within 2 days, replacement  parts arrived with suggestions for modifying the SwingRite.  Kate sent me her phone number and asked me to call her if I still had problems.  At that point, I realized it was “operator error” (me) and the SwingRite, in its original condition without modification, worked perfectly.  It’s clear to me that customer satisfaction is at the top of SwingRite’s corporate values.”

Pat Lea – Texas
“I am 65 years old and have been playing golf for over 35 years. I have taken scores of lessons and watched almost as many videos of my swing. For as long as I’ve been playing, I have struggled with “throwing” the golf club from the top of my swing. I know the position I’m supposed to be in at impact, but I’ve never been able to achieve it. I’ve tried all kinds of swing aids which claim to solve my problem, but I’ve had no luck with any of them. The SwingRite is the first and only swing aid that has helped me learn to release the club at the proper time. Since I received it two weeks ago, I have used it at home and at the range, and my ball striking has improved immensely. I have also increased my distance with every club. The difference is simply amazing.”

Kathryn Loyacono –
“Thanks to my SwingRite, my distance, consistency, and confidence have improved so much that I was brave enough to play in “the guys'” weekly Shamble this summer. Here I am with one of my “teammates” (pic removed)… Even though I am 3 times his age and he is 3 times my size, I was able to contribute several times, including a Drive or two???‍♀️”

Glenn Sorensen – President, The International PGA
“The SwingRite has now become the only training aid we have ever endorsed in the history of the International PGA.”

Charlie Gould, Lebanon NJ
“Clubhead speed and a proper release.  Two of the most important parts of the golf swing and SwingRite helps with both. Screw it down tight to see how fast you can swing and make it “click”.  Screw it high and loose to see how long you can hold off the “click” and delay the release. A perfect trainer.  Plus if you ever have a problem with it, SwingRite’s customer service is superb.  I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Ron – United States
“I have been playing golf for 40+ years (on and off for a while). While never receiving any professional training, I played somewhat decent for an amateur (85-90). But, throughout all the years I have been playing, my worst fault is not being able to shift the weight to the frontside. I would make good contact but only due to manipulation of the hands at impact. So, after many trying different methods and other training devices, I still could not effectively get to the frontside. Then I happened to stumble upon the SwingRite (watching Brian Sparks video on Positive Impact Golf). I thought it was worth giving the SwingRite a try after reading so many positive reviews and even people who had the same weight shift problem. Well I have only been using it for about 2 weeks and now have actually been able to finish my swing and end up on my frontside. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do it but I just think about where the click should occur. This device has finally given me the confidence to have a consistent swing and play better.”

Glyn Douglas – United Kingdom
“The reason for my email is to thank you on my ‘INVESTMENT’ with the Original SwingRite, I purchased it after a conversation I had with Julian Mellor, who my Father and I used to play in the Derbyshire AM-AM with many years ago.

I am 38 and my current Handicap is 18 (which it has been for 5 years now) and as Julian would say the biggest problem with my game is consistency and far too many swing thoughts that clutter up what in simple forms is not a bad swing. Therefore I have always tried to get better by practice and watching videos on line. To which I would clutter my mind up even more and when i got on the course could not swing the club never mind shoot a good score.

Then came your parcel in the post……no gimmicks……no false promises……It did what it said on the tin!

I have had the Original SwingRite for only a few weeks but the consistency of my game is clear to see and the people who i regularly play with cannot believe the transformation. Not only am I not thinking about the swing ( Just imagine the click in the right place ) I am hitting it further and straighter than I ever have!

Last Friday I was at a Charity Golf Day and I won the longest drive and the doubles!!!………..I only wish I had an Original SwingRite 20 years ago.

Once again thank you and have a good day.”

Geoff Bryant, President – United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF)
“In my opinion, every golf teaching professional should be utilizing the SwingRite training aid. Not only does it help students to understand the proper release in the golf swing but it’s also fun to use.”

Sean “The Beast” Fister – 3x World Long Drive Champion
“I have come to depend on the SwingRite to warm up before I practice and it definitely reduces the early mis-hits from warming up from the start with a driver.”

Michael Breed- PGA teaching professional, host of “The Golf Fix” on the Golf Channel, Golf Digest’s Top 100 Golf teachers in America
“I enjoy using the SwingRite when I teach because it allows me to teach people to release the energy at the right spot in golf swing. It allows me to hold the angle in the wrists and gets people to practice the right stuff without me (or whomever their teacher might be) having to be there.”

Ted Sheftic – Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher- New Oxford, PA
“Kate, just thought I would like to let you know about the success that I have had using your SwingRite training aid. I have used the SwingRite now for eight years, the students that have purchased SwingRite from me and have used it correctly have improved several areas of there swing, the most important improvement was the speed that they developed in hitting through the ball instead of hitting at it. I have one student Don Alwalt who purchased it from me and went from not being able to not be able to click it at 8 to a 1 today, he now hits the ball over 270 yards. My son Mark who is the lead instructor at Merion Golf Club enjoys teaching with Swing Rite. With repetitive SwingRite practice students will improve IMPACT, CLUBHEAD LAG, and develop so much more speed hitting through the ball. One other note: Swing Rite is designed to practice indoors, this can now be used with there exercise program. I endorse your SwingRite to anybody that wants to improve there swing. Thank you.”

Korre Madden – PGA Professional, Pine Creek Golf Center, PA
“I purchased the SwingRite at the PGA Merchandise show this year. My students absolutely love it! It is a great training aid, and I would recommend it to players of all levels of the game. One of its best qualities is that it helps you find the correct release of energy through the impact zone.”

Jeff Coston- Jeff Coston Golf Academy, PGA and Nike Tour tournament player
“I enjoy using the SwingRite with my Women and Junior students. The SwingRite helps them develop speed at the proper time of impact.”

Chris Sleeper- PGA, 2004 Southern MA NEPGA Professional of the Year, Director or Golf at Granite Links Golf Club, Quincy, MA.
“There are many training aids available in the golf world but there is only one that is good enough to be carried in our Pro Shop ” The SwingRite.”

Steve Dresser- Steve Dresser Golf Academy in Pawleys Island, SC. Class “A” Member of the PGA, golf teaching for over 20 years.
“Just letting you know I’m a big “Fan” of the SwingRite. Been teaching with them since the 1980’s. Yes, I’m that old! Probably my all – time favorite teaching aid. It really lets players experience that “Aha” moment without my having to go through a complicated, long – winded explanation. Keep up the good work and good luck with your products!”

Mark A. Mathews USGTF Level III Teaching Professional. Head Professional Steamboat Island Driving Range, Olympia, WA & American Lake Veterans Golf course, Lakewood, WA
“Never in my wildest dreams could I have achieved such spectacular results after just a few short sessions with the SwingRite trainer! I first used the SwingRite trainer between rounds at the World Golf Teachers Cup in ’07. After steering the ball around the golf course in round #1, round #2 had quite the opposite outcome; my timing and release of the club seemed to be ingrained into my muscle memory! I hit 14 of 18 greens in regulation & averaged an astounding 295 yards in the fairway off the tee! Do you have one for my putter? After fulfilling my wildest swing dreams and now being a true believer in this product – I have now incorporated the SwingRite into all of my clinics and most of my private sessions. My students benefit immensely from the feel achieved, and the muscle memory attained from this product! Thank you SwingRite!”

Bobby Cole- Lead Master Instructor, Jim McLean Golf School, Lifetime Member, PGA Tour
“I think the SwingRite is a great training device, especially for people working on their timing and sequence of their golf swing.”

Tom Landers- Publisher, Golfing Magazine
“I have been using the SwingRite religiously (almost) since Pinehurst. I am hitting the ball better than I have in years. I almost know where it is going again. The SwingRite has really helped me feel the “down and through” at impact. I might get back to a scratch golfer again with a few more weeks of practice.”

Craig Corrigan – PGA Professional Coach at Haigh Hall GC, Wigan UK
“SwingRite is the only teaching aid I have found that gives pupils a sense of timing and a feel of how the club should be freely released. The tension can be adjusted easily to suit any players swing speed. SwingRite is by far the best teaching aid I have used in over twenty years of teaching.”

Brian Sparks-Founder/Head Coach Positive Impact Golf, Kent UK – Excerpt from his upcoming book
“Any other methods or non-technical tricks that you can employ to get you back to normal are valid and should never be discounted. By far the best training aid is called the SwingRite Original. It is a sort of swing simulator that looks like a shortened club without a head and it clicks as you swing it through the air despite the fact that there is no ball. The click sounds and feels like hitting a shot. What it does so effectively is to tell you how to swing a golf club without having to think about anything other than swinging. Golfers consistently swing it with better rhythm and motion than when they are hitting real shots. It’s as if all the interferences disappear. There is no ball, no target and no result to take your attention away from the simple art of swinging the club. The more you practice with it the more you are encouraged to use the same improved swing when hitting shots. You would be advised to get one and use it regularly. Practice makes permanent so why not practice using your best swing until it becomes a habit rather than hitting balls with the same old swing faults? It was designed by Mindy Blake, a member at Wentworth, nearly fifty years ago and has truly passed the test of time.”

Dave Zweier- Sunbury, PA. USGTF Certified Teaching Professional
“Have been using the SwingRite daily and just love it!! The best thing I have used it for is to get you in the right position and train your body motion to release your swing!! I will be telling just about everyone I know who wants to improve their swing along with a couple of lessons on position improvements! Just love your product and best of luck this season!!”

Phil Sloan- Swampscott, MA.
“I can honestly say that my SwingRite continues to ensure that my iron play is a strong part of my game €” or, at least, not as weak a part of my game as it used to be! I am down to a 15 handicap (from 19), largely because I am hitting more greens in regulations. My driving, chipping and putting are all more consistent but my irons used to be my weakest link, and now, I am hitting more greens in regulation and even more often, I am able to get back into holes from long grass. Each and every time I am about to begin my round, I spend a few minutes with my SwingRite so as to get that feeling of hitting “down and through,” accelerating at the bottom of my swing so as to hear that familiar “click”! What is truly amazing to me is that when I do not spend these few minutes with my SwingRite before I tee-off so as to get my rhythm, my game suffers significantly as a result. I can only imagine how much better a golf I would be if I spent even more time with my SwingRite on my “off” days! I recommend SwingRite to anyone and everyone who has trouble with their irons, especially with tempo!”

Dave Jones- Chicago, IL
“The SwingRite has helped me to understand exactly what it feels like to make a proper golf swing. After practicing for 15 minutes a day for a week I increased my drive by 50 yards with much less effort and more importantly my slice simply disappeared! Thank you SwingRite for making Golf fun for me!”

Ken Martin- PGA, Director of Golf Instruction, Natural Golf- Testimonial #1
“The SwingRite is the best thing since sliced bread here in Myrtle Beach! ”

Ken Martin- PGA, Director of Golf Instruction, Natural Golf- Testimonial #2
“Consistency in ball striking and optimized distance results from a properly timed release of the ‘leverage angle’ during your Single Plane Swing. This angle formed between your arms and club shaft with the wrists is ideally released by trail arm extension through impact. Releasing the angle early or late will rob you of power and accuracy and is the primary cause of hitting fat or thin shots. Properly timing the release is the source of effortless power and consistently solid golf shots. Moe Norman hit over 1 million golf balls by the time he was 19 years old to ingrain this timing. Chances are good you don’t have the time to do that! That’s OK because we’ve found the next best thing and it is called the SwingRite. The SwingRite is designed to train the proper timing of the release. You will hear a click when the club head has released. The feedback is clear, precise and in real-time. This means you will know definitively if you did it right. When you know you are doing it right you will gain confidence that will transfer to your shots on the course. The SwingRite can be used anywhere, indoor and out, home, office, driving range or warm-up on the 1st tee. With the SwingRite you can get in 5 minutes of quality practice while you wait for your coffee to brew in the morning! If you keep one in your office, you can get in 3 minutes of quality practice between meetings! The SwingRite gives you the opportunity to ingrain ideal timing with convenience. Because the SwingRite makes it possible to practice your Single Plane Swing in a confined space (it is only 34.5” long) without actually striking a ball, you can place full concentration on the release sensation and timing without distraction. The SwingRite’s adjustability allows you to practice a full range of shots, from short game chip and pitch shots to full swing speeds up to 125 mph. To improve your game, practice everyday. With the SwingRite, you can do this year round, regardless of weather. Plus, using SwingRite provides the benefits of vigorous exercise. Swing till it “Clicks” and hit the ball more CONSISTENTLY and FARTHER!”

Bill Bath- USGTF Master Teaching Professional- Ontario, Canada
“I have used the SwingRite for 7 years. I can’t say that about any other training device. It has such a simple purpose to allow you to feel a proper release with the proper tempo. It grooves a golf swing to be fundamentally sound anywhere anytime without needing golf balls. The adjustable setting allows you to share it with your friends and family so everyone can benefit. If you are serious about getting better, get a SwingRite!”

Justin Sheehan – Assistant Director of Instruction – Caves Valley Golf Club, Maryland
“The SwingRite is a great teaching tool for a few reasons. First off, it audibly shows the student when he/she releases the club. Secondly, the weight of the SwngRite is a great tool for training muscle memory and helps players use their larger muscles. Lastly, the SwingRite’s ability to adjust the level at which the release clicks helps players swing harder and gain club head speed without focusing on hitting a golf ball. Instead the student swings freely.”

Henrique Hollanda €” PGA Brazil certified professional / WGTF, USGTF certified Teaching Professional Level III
“I have been a teaching professional for six years, and I have worked with nearly all teaching aids available on the market. The SwingRite proved to be one the most effective because what it offers that is so different from the other training aids is the instant feedback. It helps my students to understand the proper release of the club, they can listen to the release as it happens. I strongly recommend it to all levels of golfers, no matter if you are a beginner or a scratch, I am sure you can only benefit from using the SwingRite.”

Kern Doucet – Louisiana, USGTF certified teacher
“Last weekend I played in the wildwood open, in Crawfordville, Fl. I made a fatale mistake, I left my SwingRite at home, needless to say, I shot terrible (83/81). This weekend was our club championship (best ball), before each round I warmed up with the SwingRite(10 good swings). Although the first wasn’t so good the second was, I shot (80/73)and won by one stroke.”

Johnathan Vaughan- Asst. Pro at Harmony Golf Preserve-Harmony, FL. Experience Troon Golf
“I think the SwingRite is a valuable teaching aid, anytime you can take a complex idea and make it simplistic is success in teaching, that’s why I value it…it’s immediate feedback and the quicker feedback that a student gets the more effective the training aid and the more effective their success is.”

William Greenleaf- PGA Master Professional, Director of Instruction, The Dunes at Maui Lani, Hawaii
“I used the original SwingRite as my first and only training device when I was in High School in the mid 1960’s. I still have the original model! I found that it was being produced again and have included SwingRite as the foundation of my teaching practice. Without SwingRite, my link to a student is limited to words and pictures. SwingRite provides a dimension of sound that the student creates (or not), feels and hears. I can coach the student with questions about their effort, when they felt speed in their swing, and when they heard the ‘click’ of the SwingRite. From their feedback, I can coach them to fine tune their release without telling them how to release or with what intensity. I find that most golfers are in a state of struggle – struggle by its nature includes excess effort, frustration, fear and other unhealthy aspects of life. I use SwingRite on #9 setting and teach the student to use the least effort possible to ‘click’ the club. They are amazed at how far their shots fly when they use similar effort to hit a ball. The SwingRite product is the only tool to date that gives me the opportunity to truly help students feel what it’s like to use minimal force to achieve maximal results. An additional benefit of using SwingRite as a teaching tool happens when the student becomes focused on the feel of minimal effort to ‘click’ the SwingRite – struggle goes away and is replaced by the fun of exploring the feel of the swing. What a great tool – I would not want to teach without it.”

Greg Sampson – S4 Innovations and Elite Indoor Golf Center, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
“I started using the SwingRite with my students and the feedback has been amazing from players of all different levels. Not only has it helped them, it has greatly improved my tempo and speed at the bottom of my swing, where terminal velocity should be reached. This training aid gave me the confidence to trust my swing everyday during the 2007 PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament. I finished 14th in the First Stage and missed the cut in the Second Stage by 4 shots. This is something that I would not have done if it was not for the SwingRite!!! I will continue to use the Swing Rite for years to come.”

Andy Wills- USGTF Certified Instructor, Lynn, MA
“The SwingRite is an excellent tool for all golfers, from beginners to pros. I first saw the SwingRite at a recent tournament. Always the skeptic, I had to try it. After several swings, I immediately felt I had better tempo and gained more distance off the tee. It helped me come back the next day and shoot a 69. Not bad for a 4 handicap and my 12th round of the year. I keep it in my bag now and use it as my warm-up tool. It gets me as loose as I need before the first swing of the day. Also, being from New England, the golf season is never as long as we’d like it to be. That’s where the SwingRite can be another major aspect of off season training. My swing is all about tempo and now that I can keep that tempo programmed into my muscle memory all winter, I will be in mid-season form before the snow even melts!!!

Scott Yianacopolus- Lynnfield, MA
“The SwingRite has improved my handicap from a 12 to an 8. It has helped to improve on my swing speed, balance and most importantly tempo. The best part about this product is it trains you to snap it at the exact point of contact so you understand where you get maximum club power. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking to improve distance.”

Sam- United Kingdom
“After one lesson on the SwingRite I discovered that the way I was using my clubs on the downswing was completely wrong. I discovered that a slower, easier downswing was needed and not a quick, fast downswing. It also taught me that the impact contact point was nearer the ball on the downswing and not at the top of the downswing. It has transformed the way I strike the ball and have cut my hcp by 3 shots and feel more confident and know that I will continue to improve…I really cannot praise enough what I have learnt using the SwingRite.”

Mark – Arkansas
“SwingRite is simply the most amazing, effective tool available. It teaches:

*Correct Release Timing
*What to exert and when
*Effortless power, not powerless effort
*Staying behind the ball
*Swinging from the inside
*How the correct swing will pull you into the correct, high, full finish
*Using the big engine of the body, not trying to hit with hands and arms

I could probably go on but I’m getting writer’s cramp, haha. I know what it has done for me in the short time I’ve had it and I know what it could do for any golfer, amateur, or pro to help smooth out their swing or to teach them the correct swing in the first place.”

Tom Webster-
” I have been a SwingRite user since the mid-sixties. I never put it away. I pick up and “click” my SwingRite wherever I happen to have left it somewhere around the house. This enabled me to maintain an 8 to 12 handicap as a weekend golfer for almost 40 years. It’s really the only swing aide I’ve ever needed. In a more important way, SwingRite has now become a game-saving rehab tool for me. Friday was a breakthrough. 39 months after suffering severe nerve damage in both legs down to my feet as a result of a spinal blood clot, I became able to shift my weight on the follow-through without falling or almost falling down. Following this injury, I started clicking my SwingRite before I was even able to walk very much – and still use it every day. I have gone from a month in the hospital to wheelchair to having my wife help me by teeing up balls on the practice tee – to a four club differential between old and new club distances. The SwingRite has helped me try all kinds of arms-and-hands swings; and rotary; stack and tilts; and more. I can shoot low 90’s now from the old men’s tees with an armsy-swing playing only once or twice a week. SwingRite has also been there helping in new ways – For example, I found a vast difference between practice tee and tilted lies of any sort on the golf course – I used the SwingRite on a small hill back of my house to regain enough balance to keep from falling over and to play most shots – no other golf aide could have done this. My goal is to someday shoot my age in golf as my mother (a SwingRite user) did from her late 70’s until her death at 84 years old. I will be 70 yrs. old in April; a little early for age-shooting – but 75 seems a good goal right now.

John Lee-Suisun City, CA.
“After several swings I knew this swing trainer was the real deal. It felt like I was swinging a real golf club. I could immediately feel that I was going to quickly develop that magical effortless power everyone is looking for by improving the timing of my release through the impact zone. Well, one week later after all the rain we’ve been getting in Northern California I went to the driving range and found that I had picked up an additional 5+ yards with my irons. My PW which I usually hit 115-120 yards was flying 125 yards (with driving range balls). This only after swinging the SwingRite at the number 9 setting. I would encourage anybody interested in improving their golf swing and looking for more distance to buy the SwingRite. Anyone looking for a quality piece of equipment that will help them strengthen their wrists and forearms and develop that powerful release through the impact zone should buy this!!! The SwingRite will help you develop a better swing faster so that you can spend more time on the course rather than on the practice range. As you can tell I am really liking my SwingRite trainer! ”

Christopher Fusco- Boston, MA.
“I live in the North East so my time frame is limited to April to October to be out on the course working on my game. The SwingRite allows me to work on and preserve my swing through the winter months, so when I do get back out there, I have not lost my swing and I can pick up right where I left off. The SwingRite saves me time, getting my swing back to where it was before the winter and money, taking lessons trying to find my swing. I use it on the office on a daily basis.”

Greg Westenberg- Northville, MI.
“I’m about 6’1 195 lbs and had been driving the ball an average of about 240-250yds. After evaluating many of the swing-training clubs on the market today, I decided on the SwingRite-great decision! The SwingRite taught me how to put that extra “whip” into my hands and I now AVERAGE 270-280 yards off the tee. I recently played in 4-man scramble in position #3. With the wind, I it my longest drive ever at 330yrds! And just two holes later, now going directly against the wind, I cracked it 270yrds! Both times our #4 guy declined to even hit exclaiming, “there’s no way I can do any better than that.” I obviously HIGHLY RECOMMEND the SwingRite!!”

“During the Norwegian Winter, I don’t get to play all that much. The SwingRite 2000 helps me to maintain my motor skills over the Winter, and come spring and open golf courses again, I can swing with a good rhythm and a good swing plane from day one.”

Hannington- Norway
“Thank you very, very much. I am very satisfied. You have created a masterpiece. It could not be better. This is exactly what I was dreaming about, easy to assemble and fits perfectly in my flight crew bag!”

Ron Rogers- Canada
“I learned about your SwingRite from Danny Lopez, the golfing instructor at a recent three day instructional school in Nevada. He highly recommends your product and uses it personally…it has really helped my swing as it really allows one to simulate hitting golf balls on the driving range without leaving your house. The click and the timing tells you that you have done it right. The feeling is the same as seeing the ball fly when you really connect on the golf course.”

Ian Jones- S. Wales, UK Testimonial #1
“I have been playing golf for 43 years, most of those years off a low/mid single figure handicap. I first had my SwingRite about 40 years ago when I was a junior and have used it regularly since. Even after all those years I still find that my game benefits from using it as my swing trainer, it really keeps my swing smooth, my tempo more consistent and helps me prepare for my game before I get out on the course. I also use it through the winter months to keep my swing going (I am mostly a fair weather player!) and find playing easier when the season starts as my swing is not rusty after the lay off. I also take the SwingRite to the driving range or practice ground to aid my practice sessions. The beauty of the SwingRite is that it can be adjusted for all types of shots from a full drive to a short wedge. I find my perfect tempo for the shot I wish to play and using the SwingRite helps me repeat it regularly. I then use the same swing with my normal club and hit a few shots. If needed I go back to the SwingRite for a few more swings to re-establish the correct tempo and then hit a few more shots. It really helps my muscle memory. The SwingRite may have been developed about 50 years ago but to me it is still one of the best swing trainers on the market and I will continue to use it to keep my game in shape, and I fully recommend it to anybody who wants to improve their swing tempo.”

Ian Jones- Testimonial #2
“I live in Wales, Great Britain and am proud to say I am an owner of a very old SwingRite which was bought for me in the 1960’s. I would like to say what a fantastic training device it is and that I still use it regularly to help with my swing tempo. I will often practice with it before I go out on the course so that my timing is correct, this helps prevent swinging too fast, etc. which you really do not want to be sorting out while trying to play. In fact I sometimes put it in my bag if I am playing a round on my own and actually swing it a few times before hitting a shot.”

Jeffrey Young- Boaz, Alabama
“Sadly (for my golf game) I’ve spent more time designing golf courses than working on my game; due solely to inactivity my handicap has gone from a nine to near eighteen. However, I have definitely benefited form using the SwingRite trainer when practicing at home-and on the practice range or in the parking lot of a golf club that doesn’t have a practice facility. My natural fault is to not complete the turn of my hips on my follow through, especially if I am nervous or tired. When using the SwingRite, I’ve noticed that if I do nothing but bring my belly and hips through completely (and quickly) I can make it “click”. Then I notice that if I do that same thing on the golf course I hit the ball (at worst) somewhere in the fairway. Incidentally (to me), let me suggest that I do hit the ball twenty yards further off the tee if I am using a swing on the golf course that would “click” on the practice range. Regardless of a golfer’s natural fault, if a person can make the SwingRite “click” with consistency he or she will be developing a swing that will produce (at worst) a satisfactory result. I am using the original SwingRite; while the new SwingRite looks more like a golf club, I like the original SwingRite better. I think most serious golfers care little about the look of their “swing trainer”, they just want it to benefit their swing. On occasion I use a weighted training club, made by another well-known manufacturer, to warm up or strengthen my arm and back muscles (as I seem to be too busy for free weights or the gym). However, for me that club only loosens me up or strengthens me – while use of the SwingRite trainer actually allows me to improve (and “groove”) my swing. My golf pro suggested that if I only use one training device it should be the original SwingRite trainer. I purchased the SwingRite on his recommendation, and agree with him wholeheartedly.”

David Arbelaez– Belmont, CA. Testimonial #1
“The SwingRite is a training aid that you won’t find on the Golf Channel. Maybe it’s because its effectiveness has been overshadowed by an over abundance of training aids that promise a lot. Where I think the SwingRite delivers where other swing trainers fail, is that it is a simple training aid to use, it can be used practically anywhere, and it helps one groove a beautiful timing, tempo and rhythm into the golf swing which are the keys that can unlock the door to inconsistency. Most golfers waste power by “casting” or “throwing away the power” before they get to the hitting area. The result . . . drives that seldom pass the 225 yard mark. Their swings lack the “timing” that releases the power at the correct moment. The SwingRite helps correct this by forcing you to hear the “click” at the crucial moment. I use the SwingRite religiously. I don’t have a lot of time to beat balls and develop bad habits at the range. The SwingRite allows me to keep my swing form all year without relying on hitting the enemy which I call the golf ball. I call it the enemy because it is the ball that we golfers often concentrate so hard on to hit, which then manifests itself into a horrible, jerky looking golf swing.”

David Arabelaez- Testimonial #2
“Thanks for the SwingRite. It has done wonders form my timing and swing. I am swinging at number 1 now consistently after 6 months of practice. I find the key that was lacking in my swing before what that pause at the top of the swing which the SwingRite develops.”

Scott Roebuck – Harmony Golf Preserve, Harmony FL
“Well I have hit the ball better since working with the SwingRite than I have in quite a while, I am hitting the ball with power, again, and that is fantastic I have also regained the distance I lost over the past year, It’s almost like the fountain of youth or an anti-aging device. Of course I will have to keep up the work to keep the improvements, but when you’re striking the ball like I am now it’s easy work and fun work.”

Mike M- Topeka,KS-
“I have been searching for a swing trainer on the internet. I just found yours through the search engines. I feel that the timing is what I need to work on most. After deciding on your product, I checked around about it. It is the only swing trainer that never seems to be available on eBay! People must like them. I thought about the Speed Stick, but what good is getting higher speeds if it is at the wrong point in the swing arc? The SwingRite fixed my release in the first week! Now I can spend my time focusing on other aspects of my swing without worrying about the tempo, like hitting a draw or fade. It’s helped a lot!”

Ed Fox- Chico, CA.
“I have found the SwingRite to be invaluable in golf, but equally as valuable as an exercise unit.”

Scott Weber- Northridge, CA -PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“I found the SwingRite training aid to be a great addition to my driving range warm up and practice regime. The ability to hear the click as I practiced my swing was very beneficial to swing pace and weight distribution. I was swinging with more tempo and more power, which allowed me to increase my accuracy and distance. I would say that after several sessions with the SwingRite, I was able to feel where my body was in relationship to the club and the ball. The best feature of the SwingRite was the ability to adjust the SwingRite to the proper release point. Several people at the range found the SwingRite to be a ‘great addition to their practice routine.’ Two of my playing partners wanted to get one for themselves.”

Richard Jurek- Hot Springs Village, AR- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite, I believe, has improved my accuracy and added maybe 15-25 yards. The best feature of the SwingRite is the size. My wife loves it!”

Chan Hearron- Shreveport, LA- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The Main reason for recommending this product is the ability to build muscle memory in your golf swing. The best feature is that it builds muscle memory into the swing. My playing partners liked the fact that they could hear the sound at the right impact spot.”

Phillip Smeltzer- Garland, TX- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“I would recommend this product to beginners to help them understand the swing. The best feature is the clicking sound at impact. My playing partners thought it was interesting.”

Mike Jackson- Lowell, AR- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“My wife found this tool very useful to formally create a swing with the ‘whoosh’ she has always wanted. I also passed this took on to a friend recovering from a shoulder surgery. He loves having a measurable way to rebuild his strength and speed in his living room. A great feedback tool. The best feature of the SwingRite is the instant feedback and the fact that it’s adjustable for everyone.”

Joseph Rederick- Orlando, FL- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite is one of the better training aids I have used. It helped me with my tempo and rhythm. Also, I don’t have a lot of time to go to the range to hit, and the SwingRite allows me to keep my swing tempo. I shared my SwingRite with some of my friends and they liked it so much they wanted to buy it! The best feature of the SwingRite is that I can use it anywhere.”

Matthew Caruso- San Diego, CA- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite training aid helped me keep a smooth, consistent tempo and it really worked. I have never been able to consistently hit the ball solid for a full round and now I can! My playing partners were very curious about the SwingRite because they could tell it worked.”

William Allen- Las Vegas, NV- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“Hurray! A product that explains and defines lag and release. SwingRite has helped me gain 10-15 yards to all of my clubs because it showed me where my release was and how lag effects distance and helps with tempo. Yes, I would recommend SwingRite for everyone that is struggling with their swing. The best feature of the SwingRite is the ease of use and the immediate results. My playing partners loved it and they all want to borrow it.”

Bob Tanner- Yuma, AZ- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“This is a quality training aid. Follow the recommendation. Stay at #9 every time, listen. It will tell you if your swing is right. Both my wife and I can use it with no adjustment. Just pick it up and swing. The best feature of the SwingRite is that it’s easy to use, and easy to make it work properly. My playing partners thought it was quality equipment, and everyone can use it.”

Robert Pippin- Jacksonville, NC- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“Ease of use, great teaching tool, it improved my distance. The SwingRite helped me realize when I release the club. My playing partners thought it was interesting.”

Carl Puckhaber- Lexington, SC- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“A week prior to receiving the SwingRite I had open heart surgery so until recently I have been restricted in its use. It has helped me get back my muscle memory that I had lost and at 63, that is not easy to do. I had lost a lot on control and my scores had ballooned into the upper 90’s but with the practice I feel confident it will get back into the mid 80’s that I played to before. The best feature of this product is the immediate feedback from the click.”

Mark Sullivan- Savannah, GA- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“This is a great product to help keep your rhythm if you only play once a week. Perfect for swing timing. My playing partners love it and used it to warm up.”

Mark Strobeck- San Francisco, CA- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“This product is made well and performs as stated. It increased my distance by 5 yards. The control of the SwingRite was very nice. My playing partners liked the SwingRite and may purchase one.”

William Qualls- Bradenton, FL- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The design and workmanship are excellent. The device, when used properly, will make for a more consistent swing.”

Gregory Bush- Newnan, GA- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The product is well produced with nice grip and functioned without any problems. It’s compact and easy to use. The best feature was its ease of use, and the excellent Winn DSI grip.”

Gerard Cacciatore- Phoenix, AZ- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite ‘click’ really stuck in my mind after using the device. When I am on the course, if I get to fast, I can use the ‘click’ to get my rhythm back. Simple concept, huge results. The best features of the SwingRite are simplicity and excellent construction. My playing partners found the device and concept very interesting and liked it.”

Terry Griffin- Sumter, SC- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite training aid has helped me to release the club at the correct time which allows me to get the full benefit of the lag. Over the past several weeks of using the SwingRite, I have gained 20 yard on my drives and 15 yards on all my irons; hitting more fairways and greens then I ever have (thanks). The best feature of the SwingRite is that it works, and it’s the best training aid I have ever used. After paying off so many times before the SwingRite, I am now getting paid every time! My playing buddies ask for strokes each time we play now.”

Bert Dickey- Hot Springs, AR- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite helps a lot on follow through and also makes you snap your wrists at impact, especially if you use a pillow where the ball should be for contact. Good indoor and out. Great product. The best feature of the SwingRite is its ease of use. My playing partners liked it and want to borrow it when I’m through with it.”

Thomas Moeller- Mesa, AZ- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite is perfect for anybody who does not have time to spend at the driving range. Not only is it good for a warm up, but you also get the right rhythm and tempo as you use it.”

Thomas Woodruff- Kingsport, TN- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The best features of the SwingRite are: the quality and the consistency of force that is required at each setting. My playing partners were fascinated by the SwingRite and somewhat skeptical, but one cannot argue against success. I shot at 80 today, at least 8 strokes better than normal. Swing felt better. Hit my longest drives ever on 4 holes. Could correct my swing while playing because of what I learned.”

Michael Joe- Oceanside, CA- PGA TOUR Partners Product Tester
“The SwingRite allows you to see if you are releasing your wrists too early on or not early enough. The best features of the product were: nice grips and the weighted feel. My playing partners also liked the SwingRite.”

Walt Tearse –
“Just unwrapped the swing trainer and will be using it after I finish up this email. Arrived in perfect shape. FYI it’s the first and only thing that with (my teacher’s) direction finally taught me what “DOWN” (as in “hit down to make the ball go up”) was as well as WHEN to hit. Great invention. Many thanks. I’ll recommend it to anyone who will listen to me on the driving range!”

Mev Berwick –
#1: “I don’t play a lot of golf now, but as a training/practice club the SwingRite is excellent. This is based on my experience of the original club more than 20 years ago, when I played a lot of golf off a handicap of 16. The Swingrite was purchased then for use on offshore oil platforms, where I worked for many years; the reasoning being that (1) can’t play golf offshore, (2) away for 2 weeks at a time makes one rusty and (3) the SwingRite was absolutely the ideal tool for keeping the “swing right” when away for 2 weeks”

#2: “My initial experience of the “Swingrite” was 25+ years ago, when I was playing reasonably well off a handicap of 16. At the time, I was employed in the offshore oil industry on a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off rotation so obviously there was no golf for a fortnight when on the rig. However, our welfare committee acquired 2 SwingRites, so at least we could swing a club when away from home. I also came across a book entitled “The Technique Barrier” by Mindy Blake, who, it transpires, was also the inventor of the original “SwingRite”. Persevering with the book’s advice, and the “Swingrite”, my handicap rapidly reduced to 10. And occasionally I was playing to a single figure handicap; pure joy. So yes, I find the “SwingRite” an excellent practice tool, really helps to develop a repetitive swing.”

“I was working on power and used the SwingRite What a workout! I find it very good for a quick warm up in lieu of going to the range before playing 18 holes. Makes me feel the muscles necessary for a golf swing.”

“I’m very happy with it because it is very useful. It enables me to work on my rhythm/coordination at home and to work on specific points of my whole swing while having the ‘click’ tell me if I’m on the right way or not.”

Marc Katz- Lutherville, MD
“Best device you can buy. I use it with a Swingyde.”

Pepper Roberts – Director of Golf and President, Friends of American Lake Veterans Golf Course-Washington
“Dear SwingRite,
As the Director of Golf at American Lake Veterans Golf Course, I have been teaching and putting on clinics for the veterans and Wounded Warriors since 2001. Last fall one of the pros that helps in our clinics, Mark Mathews, gave us a donation from you of some of your SwingRite clubs, a value of over $600.00. I started working with them last winter when things were a little slower than the normal golfing season and found a great way to use your SwingRite with both women and men that are not swinging on plane or releasing the club head through impact. Many were older retired men and women that were not getting the distance they needed to enjoy the game.
Here is the way I used the SwingRite. I will try and make it short. First, they had to be swinging out of plane, which means they were not hitting very many straight shots and their distance was not as good as it could be based on age, shape, size, etc. I would put down a 5′ 3/4” galvanize pipe with three marks in the center that are four inches apart. I have the SwingRite tightened down toward 3 so it would not click when they swung it. I would have them set up to the center mark in good posture with a good grip with the SwingRite about six inches away from the pipe. I would have them swing back while pointing the SwingRite at the pipe or an extension of the pipe until they were well into their back swing, then on the forward swing they were to make sure they were pointing the SwingRite through the impact area all the way to the end of the pipe. We would start slow and let them build up to their normal swing speed. When they felt they were swinging the club on plane, and many of them would start saying how good it felt, and they were finishing in a good balanced posture, I would take the SwingRite and move the setting up to 9. I would then make a slow smooth swing doing just what they had been doing, only this time the club would click. The “What was that?” was always the same. I would explain that if they released the club correctly through impact, the club would click at the correct place. I would make one or two more swings, each time loading the club so they could see, then hand them the club. Then the fun would really start. Many could not get the SwingRite to click even on the 9 setting with their normal arm speed, thus they began swinging their arms faster but staying on plane as they had before. Soon they would get a click. Some of them would stop and something like “Wow, I didn’t know the golf swing had to feel like that.” They would then keep swinging until they were clicking the SwingRite each time. For some, we would start to move the setting slowly toward 7, but many we ended that part of the lesson with the setting at 9. They would then take one of their own clubs (7-w) and hit some balls which were placed a few inches from the pipe They only had to point at the “invisible pipe” that ran through the ball to make their club click at the ball. I have had people who said they have had lessons for the past 20 years and have never had such success after just one lesson with the above routine. There are a few other things you have to watch for as they swing, getting them to let their forearm turn, not hitting with their hands, etc., but they seem to make those corrections much faster once they are swinging on plane. Thank you for a good teaching aid.”

Click HERE to view the brochure for Friends of American Lake Veterans Golf Course!

Testimonial from a publisher of a golf paper:
“I was handed a golf training aid at the World Amateur in Myrtle Beach in August when the owner, Charles Whitney from Massachusetts, found that I published a golf paper. “Try it, and if you like it, write about it,” he said. I tried it, and yes, I like it very much. It’s a great concept. It is a short club with a full grip, but no head. Replacing the head is a gauge and a slotted metal piece that fits over the shaft. You can set the metal piece at different levels along the shaft and it releases and slides to the bottom when you swing. But wait, it does not slide to the bottom until enough force is used in your swing, and it slides down when your wrists break to provide momentum. Ever hear people saying you broke your wrists too soon or too late. Now you can actually hear the point where the momentum is greatest and the slide goes down and makes a click. You want that click to be right at the base of your swing when you are making contact with the ball. You can adjust the gauge for swings from 55 mph to 125 mph as you lower the number on the shaft. I used it in my hotel room that week and in the parking lot before going to the first tee. It’s a wonderful tool to work on tempo, and also good for increasing your swing speed that equates to more distance.”

Testimonials from Certified Clubfitters/Club Builders:

Roy Nix – Owner of McNix Custom Golf and founder of the AGCP (Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals)

“Kate, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we appreciate the SwingRite for our golfers. As you know I’ve been using it for several years now and it helps every golfer I fit or give lessons to. It’s such a great tool for explaining what “release” is and there is no better training tool I’ve found. No matter what the weather is like any golfer can tune up and keep their swing in shape. The value added is dealing with you and Charlie. Y’all are great and make doing business a pleasure.”

Bill Marshall – AGCP LEVEL 10 Certified Golf Club Fitter- Owner of Marshall’s Golf Service
“I have been using the SwingRite training tool for the last 3-4 years. As a club fitter/club builder I want to determine as close as possible where the club is released during the swing. This is a pretty sure way to determine the point ,wheather video of the swing is used or not. The click is it.”

Tom Spargo – AGCP Master of Clubfitting Technology, Owner of Spargo Golf (Canston, RI)

“Swing Rite Truly a Great Training Tool:The SwingRite Training Aid is the Most used Training Aid in our arsenal. The Swingrite allows the golfer to loosen up before hitting balls, it allows the clubfitter to determine release point during the swing, and the SwingRite ingrains the proper timing and release when used as a practice aid. We are confident when a golfer leaves our facility with the SwingRite, that they can repeatedly get positive results every time they use it. Spargo Golf recommends the SwingRite Training Aid to every customer who wants to see measurable and dramatic improvement in the golf swing.