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Jason Romano – 12 Year MLB Player
“The SwingRite is a product that can really help hitters of all ages. It gives you instant feedback of where you’re making contact by the unique clicking sound it makes as you swing. I recommend SwingRite to all baseball players I work with and have seen the difference it has made in their career.  Contact point is the most important part to becoming a great hitter and SwingRite is a training aid that will make you better.”

Ty Van Burkleo – Head hitting coach for the Cleveland Indians\
“…That bat will always be a part of my program. As I tell my players, “it doesn’t lie”. It identifies miss directed bat speed and breaks down mechanical flaws. I believe that it’s a great training aide. It helps players to understand how to direct the swing in order to maximize efficient bat speed.”

Jake – 16 year old, made the High School Baseball Team, Massachusetts
“Before this year I could not hit the ball 340 feet. My bat speed was slow and I could never hit a good pitcher.  Now that I have been swinging the SwingRite Home Run Hitter my bat speed has increased tremendously and it feels like I can hit anything. I have seen the results with the bat as I have not missed a fastball yet.  I look forward to swinging the bat more and continuing on with a successful baseball season.  Thank you for improving my game.”

Joel Green – Assistant Coach of the Salem State Girls’ Softball Team “The Lady Vikings” Massachusetts
“We used the SwingRite Home Run Hitter in all our practice sessions and before every game.  The results were almost an immediate improvement in our hitting.  It’s the first year Salem State College won the Mass State College Championship and our first NCAA bid.  We won a record 35 games, the most of any sport in the history of our college.  Thank you SwingRite Home Run Hitter!”

Bob – Beverly, MA.
“I am not sure if you remember me, but I bought a bat for my son, Brandon, that plays for St. Mary’s in Lynn, MA.  Well he has been using your bat for about 6 months now and he has been playing on traveling AAU team and this past weekend he hit a Grand Slam out of a major league baseball park in Long Island New York!!  I can’t tell you how much this has helped him and along with hitting practice to become an unbelievable batter and he now gets most of the runs for his AAU Team this summer. We are going to Connecticut this weekend and hopefully his batting will once again come alive and score more runs like he’s been doing all season long! I just thought I would pass along this information to you and let you know how much it helped my son!”


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