About Us

SwingRite is a family owned and operated company from just outside Boston, Massachusetts. Our product is custom made in Massachusetts. The company was purchased from the previous owner in 1996 by Charles Whitney. In 2007, Charles’ daughter, Kate, joined the team and now heads the company as President.


Charles Whitney: CEO- Charles’ background is in engineering and commercial/residential development. He is an avid golfer who bought the company because he believed in the product so much.

Kate Whitney: President- Kate is a 2006 graduate of The University of New Hampshire. Kate was captain of the Boys’ Golf Team in high school and still plays occasionally. She swings each and every SwingRite before it ships out to ensure only the highest level of quality control.

Our Mission:

SwingRite’s mission is to help athletes of all levels improve their bat swing, and increase their enjoyment of the wonderful game of baseball and softball. Our training aids are designed on a premise that the pros know well: Maximum power and distance are achieved when the bat is released with proper timing.

SwingRite products measure a batter’s power and let them adjust the timing of their release–to guarantee a perfect swing.

A SwingRite training program echoes another credo the pros know well: Practice makes perfect. We believe that consistent practice with SwingRite training aids will ensure that a player of any level, any age, male or female, will increase their distance and accuracy and be happier with their game. We stand behind our products, unconditionally.

We want to hear from our customers! If you would like to contact us with kudos, suggestions, or complaints please email us at kate@swingrite.com or call 978-621-5798.

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