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Weighted Agility Gloves Click HERE to buy now! f you want stronger and quicker hands then you must train to have stronger and quicker hands. WAG™ (Weighted Agility Gloves) allows for high velocity training during sports specific movements. The WAG™ (Weighted Agility Gloves) · Strengthens hands, fingers, wrists, forearms up to 40% · Increases quickness by 5-20% · Useful in over 40 sports and physical therapy · Enhances agility, coordination, and dexterity What makes our gloves unique and more effective? Weights are built into the lining of each finger and thumb as well as removable weights in the back of the glove.   WAG_Black_Front_Back_001

The Weighted Agility Gloves (WAGs) are the only FINGER weighted gloves. They are designed to enhance finger, hand, wrist, forearm and upper body strength, speed, and agility, generating significant increases in club head speed and club control.  The unique design allows the golfer to use the gloves in the sport specific motion of swinging the club while not altering the mechanics of the swing, which is critical for accuracy.  The gloves also have an adjustable weight on the back of the hand to add additional weight as the golfer challenges himself/herself to swing harder and with more precision.  As the muscles in the hand are uniquely fired, motor control of the muscles is gained thereby adding precision to the short game as well.   The gloves are guaranteed to improve swing speed within 4 weeks or your money back (minimum usage of 3 times per week at 15 minutes.) Currently over a dozen long drive tour members use the gloves for an added advantage in swing speed. XRaypicfingers-backhandwithdescription

The Weighted Agility Glove is one of the most unique glove concepts ever conceived. The glove, designed by former professional athletes and coaches, was designed for better strength, quickness, agility, dexterity and articulation of fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. The patented design allows for ALL muscles groups to be exercised and worked (fingers included.) The most intriguing part of the design is the specially curved weights that go all the way down the fingers, which allows for constant resistance during any sport specific (user specific) motion while allowing full movement of the fingers, i.e. dribbling, catching, rebounding, grabbing a hockey stick, baseball bat or tennis racket. The Weighted Agility Glove (The WAG-for short) is the only glove that works ALL sets of muscles in the fingers and hands by adding weight resistance to the fingers, as well as the back of the hand. This allows for sport specific activities and drills to be accomplished with added resistance. The weights on the back of the hand are fully removable to set weight resistance at proper levels, depending on desired movement. The WAG was designed to be the ultimate defense against “bad-hands” that plague many athletes. To View SIZING CHART, please click HERE To View WEIGHT CHART, please click HERE There are many athletes who use the weighted agility glove.  To view the complete list, and also to read the testimonials about the weighted agility glove, please click HERE “In July of 2008 I started training with the WAGs, my club head speed was 137 mph…after training with the WAGs for 7 months my club head speed is now 160 mph!  The WAGS are a significant factor in my development, and I would recommend them to all golfers.” -Ryan Winther. Professional Long Drive Golfer  Pricing Info: $49.95 for Standard Grip

Also available in pink!

Also available in pink!

Click HERE to buy now!