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  Golf Around the World   – huge selection of the latest and greatest golf training aids! Through our partnership with Golf Around the World, you will receive a 10% discount on the latest and best golf training aids. Training aids are the fastest, most efficient way to learn the golf swing. The feedback they provide will make your practice sessions more productive and more fun. Use the code: “SWINGRITE” to receive a 10% discount when checking out on their site.

  USGTF   – United States Golf Teachers Federation: Leader in the Field of Golf Instruction

  Positive Impact Golf  – UK Golf Coaching

  Optimal Flight  – The world’s best program to visualize, analyze, and optimize launch monitor data from driver to sand wedge!  Also included are tools assess a golfer’s shot to shot consistency, skill conditioning exercises to hit a target from 30 to 250 yards, and conduct before and after studies on equipment or swing development, via golf instruction or using a swing aid like SwingRite.

  Fairways + Greens Magazine   – Click to view the digital edition of this great magazine!

  PRO-Head Golf   – Maintain your spine angle and keep your head back!

  AccuLength Golf  – Clubs that grow! Golf clubs for kids…

  Let It Fly Golf  – USGTF Certified Professional Golf Instruction with Let It Fly Golf and Linda Edwards 

  Linda Edwards Sports   – For all your team and corporate needs!

  4 Ball Pro   – Putting system…give your stroke a checkup!

  S4 Innovations   – “Services For Your Golf Innovations”

  The Fore Caddie  – ESPN golf radio show from Orlando..hear our friend Scott Sterner talk about golf!

  Golf Blog  -Play a round with Golf Blogger

  Golf Sunscreen   – non-greasy sunscreen that won’t leave a residue on your grips…perfect for golfers!

  Petfinder.Com   – Looking to adopt a pet? If you have lots of love to give, please click here!

  Golf Instruction Courses   – Effective golf instruction courses and training.

  MOI Golf  – Golf Through Precision and Power. Established to provide professional Long Drivers and everyday golfers with top-quality products. We strive to produce and provide high-quality equipment at competitive and reasonable prices for golfers of any skill level.  M.O.I. is dedicated to top-notch customer service to ensure that both customers and distributors receive what they need for their business, their weekend golf game, or their professional career.Â

  UK Golf Lessons and Tuition  The UK’s leading residential golf school with 10 PGA professionals, 2 video swing analysis suites and 2 golf courses free to students.

  Golf Coach Direct:  Online teaching community. Golf Coach Direct is a place where teachers and students are brought together in a live video conferencing learning environment in real time where instructors can connect with students one on one in a private lesson setting. Coaches will have a chance to review and mark up user-generated footage submitted by students live anywhere in the interactive world. The online golf lessons are then recorded and stored for future reference and sharing along with a printable tips section written by the coach.