Instruction: How To Use Your Original SwingRite Training Aid

Instruction: How To Use Your Original SwingRite Training Aid

How To Use Your Original SwingRite

The purpose of the SWINGRITE is to feel when the club head has released. A proper release ensures consistent shot-making, both in distance and accuracy

  • Set-up as you normally would set-up with a seven iron, making sure SwingRite is at least 6 to 8 inches off the floor.
  • Now take your normal swing. Did it “Click?”
  • If Swing Rite is swung properly it will click at the bottom of the swing or no more than 12 inches past impact.
  • If swung improperly it will click before the ball, showing you have cast the club, or if it clicks after the ball you have moved your head in front of the imaginary ball position. Remember always keep your head behind the ball.
  • If it doesn’t “CLICK” at all, then you will need to make one or possibly several adjustments to your swing before it will “CLICK”
  • Start at the highest setting 9, and work your way down towards the number 1 position turning the chrome head 1/2 turn at a time until you feel comfortable swinging SwingRite and making it “CLICK” at the proper position. When you reach your desired position and can swing comfortably, that’s it, you’re ready to perfect your swing.


Set chrome head at #9

Pull the sliding ring beyond the triggers toward the grip end as far as it will go.

Grip the SwingRite firmly in both hands in a normal manner.

Take your regular golf stance and swing, keeping the club head 6 – 8 inches above the floor.

Keep clear of other people, pets, and obstacles.

Try to click the club at your imagined point of impact.

Practice slowly without strain. To obtain power and distance, rotate the head toward the lower numbers, a half turn at a time.

SwingRite can be used to simulate approach shots and chip shots. To simulate an approach shot : turn chrome head below #9 setting, so that approximately 1/4 inch of thread shows. With a half swing you can practice an approach shot. To simulate a chip shot: Pull sliding ring to cover the triggers, this allows ring to release easily.


Never start practice with the club set in the low numbers. Start at #9 and work slowly to lower numbers.

Never grip club too loosely or try to over swing. Hold the club firmly and swing easily.

Don’t swing in the direction of people, pets, or other obstacles.

Don’t ground the club – Never hit the club head on the floor of ground.

When practicing approach shots or chip shots with club head at lower than #9 setting – Don’t use full powered swing – Practice with a 1/2 swing.

The numbers on Swing Rite do not correspond to the numbers on a regular set of clubs. They designate the tension on the inner mechanism. Setting 9 (nine) is the easiest and setting 1 (one) is the hardest.


Reference: Practicerange and Brian Sparks YouTube

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